San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Ring Recovered in Airport Restroom by Starbucks Employee

The 49ers Hated Techies, Too

Macaulay told the San Jose Mercury News that he was surprised how quickly he was able to get his prized possession returned to him. Super Bowl XIX featured the famed showdown betweenJoe Montanaand a youngDan Marino, with the 49ers easily handling their business 38-16. Macaulay was the center on that San Francisco squad. You would think that Macaulay would know a little bit about protecting something valuable, handling probably the greatest quarterback of all-time. Either way, thankfully he was able to retrieve the ring so quickly. Lesson here: Think next time before you erroneously lash out at your local Starbucks employee for messing up your mocha latte order. You never know when they may hold something valuable of yours in their hands.

Finding the Fits: Reid brings speed to San Francisco

Eric Reid shared his big draft moment April 25 with his daughter LeiLani. (USATSI)

You’ve been hearing it everywhere, from the London Review of Books and the Huffington Post (Solnit, Rebecca) to Valleywag (Tacy, Chris) to the East Bay Express (Cushing, Ellen) to the Chronicle (Nolte, Carl) to, indeed, this very magazine (Talbot, David). But haven’t we heard this tune before? Yes we have — for the past 158 years. Some might call these the hand-wringing of San Franciscan luddites. Then again, you could see them as honest responses to a-century-and-a-half of immense urban change — change we’re undoubtedly living through again today. After all, as Kerouac warned us, “all your San Franciscos will have to fall eventually and burn again.” 1855: When Frank Soule wrote Annals of San Francisco only 10 years after the city’s name was changed from Yerba Buena, he still found enough material to fill over 800 pages, lamenting on recent events that “swept away nearly all the relics of the olden time in the heart of the city.” 1873: T. A. Barry and B.

1 Receiver? By (Correspondent) on June 27, 2013 2,776 reads 35 Christian Petersen/Getty Images The sight of Anquan Boldin is bittersweet for San Francisco 49ers fans. On the one hand, he played a vital role in the first Super Bowl loss in the history of the franchise. At the same time, however, none will complain if those same playmaking skills are displayed with his new team. Boldin is a guy with an established reputation in the league, his hands and physical style of play ranking among the elite. With Michael Crabtree set to miss the majority of the season due to a torn Achilles tendon, those same skills that Boldin is renowned for have become even more important to his team. He will now be asked to be the No.

San Francisco 49ers: Is Anquan Boldin Still a No. 1 Receiver?


At 6 feet 1, 213 pounds and possessing legitimate 4.4 speed, Reid is today’s prototypical free safety. His length and speed make him a true centerfielder capable of improving San Francisco’s coverage on deep passes, one of the few areas of relative weakness on a defense that ranked second in the NFL in points allowed per game (17.1). Reid intercepted two passes in each of his three seasons in Baton Rouge and therefore may not prove the ballhawk that usually generates Defensive Rookie of the Year or Pro Bowl votes. His speed, physicality and intensity, however, should fit right in with the 49ers’ ferocious defense. As such, for a club rich in talent and draft picks, Reid could be the perfect addition. Saving for Someday in San Francisco (other thoughts on the 49ers’ 2013 draft class) It’s rare that a first-round pick like Reid can be accurately characterized as being overshadowed, but considering the buzz surrounding some of the “other” picks made by Baalke and Harbaugh, it is understandable. Because they possess arguably the league’s most impressive roster from top to bottom, San Francisco was able to draft for the future rather than gamble on immediate impact performers. Pass rusher Cornellius “Tank” Carradine and running back Marcus Lattimore may one day prove the top Homepage talents at their respective positions from the 2013 draft class. Their chances of doing so are significantly increased by the fact that the 49ers don’t have to rush either back from the leg injuries that cut their 2012 seasons short.


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