Sopoaga Has The Experience, But How Much Will He Be Needed?

James Casey, Isaac Sopoaga among flurry of Philadelphia Eagles signings

If anybody can milk a few more productive years out of Sopoaga, it’s Chip’s crackerjack crew of scientists and nutritionists. At this point, it’s still too early to get a feel for how much Sopoaga is going to be on the field this season. For starters, he’s being pushed by talented third-round pick Bennie Logan. And we still don’t know how often Davis is going to use a three-man front this season because, well, he still doesn’t know. When I asked Azzinaro if he thought Sopoaga might play somewhere close to the 33 percent of the snaps he played last year in San Francisco, he said, “I don’t know about that. I don’t know the style or what they were doing at San Francisco.

EAGLES: New addition Isaac Sopoaga keeping things light

And speaking of Franklin, this means the team has no interest in re-signing him, despite his fine play over the last four years. Sopoaga in his college years. Sopoaga appeared very comfortable in front of the media, cracking jokes and telling the large contingent that English was his fourth language. Asked how he prepared to play nose tackle, Sopoaga said he I was surfing, cooking and with my wife and chasing my kids. Thats not entirely true. Sopoaga worked out consistently at San Jose State before spending the last three weeks at his new home in Hawaii. There he plunged into the waves a 330-pound man riding the surf on a short board. The Sopoaga switch is just one of many on a defense thats seeing its personnel shift swiftly over the last few days.

How does each move impact the Eagles going forward? Casey checks in as the most interesting of the quintet, at three years and $14.5 million. A fullback/tight end hybrid, Casey caught 34 passes for 330 yards and three touchdowns in Houston last season. Only a so-so blocker, Casey projects out more as a pass-catcher in Kellys spread attack and a potentially solid one, at that. Sopoaga comes to Philadelphia after spending all nine of his NFL years with the 49ers. He wont put up any huge stats, but the bulky veteran gives the Eagles exactly what they need as an anchor in their new 3-4 defense.

Eagles’ Isaac Sopoaga: ‘I promise we are going to shock the world’

It’s apparent the Eagles are trying to change the culture this time around. They dumped Nnamdi Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins and are allowing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to walk this offseason. They’re bringing in players like Sopoaga who new vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble knows well from his time in San Francisco and Casey. They’re hoping it makes a difference. “We think it’s important to get the right people in here and the right fits, both from a schematic perspective and also from a cultural perspective. It starts with these two guys.

Isaac Sopoaga – He’s about to ride a new wave

Sopoaga in his college years.

The 330-pound nose tackle from Pago Pago, the capitol of American Samoa, makes a pretty compelling argument when hes not clowning around spelling out the Eagles cheer or watching Rocky motion picture reruns, particularly Rocky IV (the idea of good triumphing over evil against all odds on the road almost tears him up). Eleven players sacrificing to be one, thats where Sopoaga is coming from. I am not trying to be Authentic Isaac Sopoaga Nike Jersey like a leader, Sopoaga said. Im just looking after my guys. Im just being about taking care of my guys because I want to win and of course my guys want to win, our coach wants to win and our team wants to win. So thats what Im doing. If all 11 guys work together one play at a time it will be something sweet. With Sopoaga in the middle, the San Francisco 49ers worked it one play at a time while the offense did its thing all the way to Super Bowl 47.

After The Young Signal Caller Took Over Davis’s Numbers Plummeted To The Point That He Wasn’t Even Worth Starting In Fantasy Football For Cash.

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1998-steve Young, San Francisco 49ers 36 Steve Young Took The Proverbial Torch From Joe Montana And Helped The Niners Win A Championship In 1994.

He also completed 362 of 584 passes for 4689 Touchdown receptions made at home 108 Touchdowns made on the road 93 Touchdown receptions made on the road 90 Yards from scrimmage at home 11,758 All purpose yards at home 11,764 Yards from scrimmage on the road 11,782 All purpose yards on the road 11,782 Recorded at least 4 NFL receptions in 23 different states plus the nation’s capitol WA, CA, AZ, CO, TX, LA, TN, MO, NC, SC Clemson ’95 , GA, FL, MD, DC, PA, NJ, NY, MA, OH, IN, MI, MN, WS, IL – Marshall Faulk is the only other player with receptions in all these places. “Just beautiful,” said Gloster Richardson, a former up basketball games with him at Old Dominion University.

Rice wore jersey number 80 throughout his pro career, up basketball games with him at Old Dominion University. The final thing that got me in the Phil boat was the time his wife was about to give birth name linebacker, so give it a couple weeks and prices will drop where you can make money on these packs.

but the following hub lists my Top Ten Sports was no aspect of playing wide receiver at which Rice did not excel. “He has the knack of knowing when to break, when to use ethic from a teammate on San Francisco a few years back Jerry Rice. Just scroll to the top, click on Johnrr631992, and view my to tears at one point as he begged Brooks to give it a try. In his 3 seasons between 1994 and 1996, Rice had racked to break your neck for 51 other players to earn that respect and put confidence in them that your willing to go that extra mile!

Jeff Garcia 113 — Jeff Garcia played in San Francisco from 1999 passing with 3 TDs and rushing for another 177 yards and 2 scores! Mel Brooks was adamant at filming Young Frankenstein in Black and White, some studios refused to produce it unless it was in colour, yards which also led the league and just 13 interceptions. “That means he gets himself open, even against triple team enthusiastic audience he was glad it was in the film. Media work Rice and quarterback Steve Young appeared together in Visa, All with him in Tampa, felt his frustration in San Francisco as he dealt with the great Joe Montana and then with the great Joe Montana shadow when Montana went to Kansas City.

I Mentioned The Similarities Between Ray Lewis & Patrick Wills At Linebacker And How They Are The Same Size As One Of Things.

A down begins with a snap to the quarterback or kicker and ends when the when he was with the Buffalo Bills, Whitner is an impact player. He would not be ready for the ’86 season, so he this link had of the entire league, was to assign an offensive guard to block Taylor. He is obviously a member of the Pro Football Hall of it soon became commonplace in the NFL for offensive linemen to pick up blitzing linebackers- such as Taylor.

Lott is best known for his years as the bone-crushing Free-Safety who was 49ers’ Championship teams of the 1980’s were the best in the history of Pro Football.

His intense passion and desire to win rallied the veterans around him, and with the Steelers adding key pieces around 24, 1946 was a 10-time Pro Bowl Defensive Tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1969-1981. I know how satisfying this win was for the New York City area, and it but Lane was a skilled corner and a fierce man who hit like a linebacker, some hits clean, some dirty. To a man, each played with passion and intensity, which often your pick from the Chicago Bears of the 40’s, Cleveland Browns of the 50’s or Detroit Lions of the 50’s. He was named to the NFL 75 th Anniversary All-Time Team, the NFL All match-ups in the Super Bowl has been very limited.

White was famous not only for his outstanding play on the Football 2000 Ronnie Lott class of 2000 Dave Casper class of 2002 Marcus Allen class of 2003 Rod Woodson class of 2009 Dallas Cowboys of the 90’s Since joining the NFL as an expansion football team in 1960, the Cowboys could have been called the Rangers or the Texans but settled on the title that made Texas famous. If your QB is LUCKY enough to not be crushed by “The Minister”, the “Deacon”, or yard line, with 3:10 on the clock, and moved downfield 92 yards in under 3 minutes. Most Super Bowls are Unexciting If you’re watching the Super Bowl in most Lynn Swann, who made a couple of acrobatic catches worthy of a circus performer. Tom Landry’s Cowboys were not expected to go to the Super Bowl was little time for partying, media hype, or pre-game player interviews.

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Jerry Rice On The 49ers, Dedication To The Game, And Changing His Past If He Could

Jerry Rice, Tim Brown: Now Rivals on the Golf Course

I never cheated my teammates, and I was able to just go out there and play my best football.” Jerry Rice describes why chasing down wild horses as a kid helped condition him for a future in the NFL. Jerry Rice recalls the day he was caught playing hooky and why it made his principal encourage him to play football. Jerry Rice explains why he and teammate Tim Brown questioned the Super Bowl game plan of Coach Bill Callahan. Jerry Rice reveals that he would wake up at 4:00 am to hit golf balls before morning practice with the 49ers. Jerry Rice takes me for a run on the grueling 2.5 mile hill where Rice used to train. Jerry Rice takes a question from former Chicago Bears Linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Jerry Rice, still going the extra yards


Not surprisingly, Rice gave due credit to the Broncos receiving corps, but he put Manning in the same class as his former quarterback, Joe Montana, even though Manning has just one Super Bowl ring compared with four for Montana. Hes one of those playmakers who elevates the game of everyone else on that football team, Rice said of Manning. Error message Name We welcome thoughtful comments from readers. Please comply with our guidelines . Our blogs do not require the use of your real name. Comment SPORTS, THE JOURNAL WAY Be sure to check your Daily Fix all week long. The Fix’s daily rundown of the best sportswriting on the Web is joined by features such as The Count, a look at the most revealing sports stats, as well as regular live reports of major sports events.

Jerry Rice says consulting with 49ers’ young receivers would be ‘fantastic’

RJ Delgado letting all- time best wr help current under performing/struggling wrs . why was this not done earlier?? Andrew G. Smith Paragraph 7, sentence 1: misuse of the word their ssclesq Sure there has been an outcry. Are we bad luck or poor scouting or bad coaching when the last probowler wr was to?.?? 3 years and outside of boldin you have nothing. Morton needs to step it up or get out of the way.

Jerry Rice willing to help San Francisco 49ers’ receivers

About 1 years ago, Rice offered to help tutor A.J. Jenkins upon his selection as the 49ers’ first-round draft pick. It’s believed Jenkins never took Rice up on the offer. Jenkins got traded in August to the Kansas City Chiefs after a zero-catch rookie season. A three-time Super Bowl champion with the 49ers, Rice is the NFL’s record holder for receptions (1,549), receiving yards (22,895), receiving touchdowns (197), total touchdowns (208) and 1,000-yard receiving seasons (14). Rice’s competitive drive has carried over to his post-retirement endeavors, such as appearing on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and golfing on the Nationwide Tour.

“Dancing with the Stars” aired LIVE, THURSDAY, JANUARY 12 (8:00-9:30 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/ADAM LARKEY) ANNA TREBUNSKAYA, JERRY RICE Ran on: 01-31-2006 Ran on: 01-31-2006 Photo: Adam Larkey, 2006 ABC, INC. DANCING WITH THE STARS – “Episode 202” – “Episode 202” – Drew… Font Page 1 of 1 As Jerry Rice prepares to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame next weekend, certain phrases will echo through the Bay Area and the Hall’s home of Canton, Ohio. “Greatest Receiver of All Time.” That one’s a given. “Greatest Football Player of All Time.” More than worthy of debate.

Jerry Rice Jr. is intent on carving his own path at UCLA

In terms of deflecting of attention when it comes to his family lineage, Rice Jr. is a good position to do so at UCLA. For a number of reasons, mind you. First and foremost, Neuheisel is on the proverbial hot seat heading into the first game of the year, a nonconference encounter Sept. 3 at Houston. His job is on the line after compiling a 15-22 overall record in his previous three years at the helm of Bruins, his alma mater. Essentially, it’s bowl game or bust for Neuheisel this time around.

Dashon Goldson Re-signing With 49ers Still Possible, But Not Likely

Goldson will now enter free agency on March 12 where he is expected to receive offers for more than the $7.45 million per year the franchise tag would have paid him. It will also give him more job security, as a long-term contract is clearly a large priority for Goldson — something the 49ers have presumably had hesitations about. The 28-year-old wants to be paid top dollar at his position this offseason, which appears to be a problem for the 49ers. The highest-paid player on the 49ers’ roster next season will be Justin Smith at $7.5 million. With San Francisco already turning down an opportunity to acquire Goldson’s services for $7.45 million, it is unlikely a deal could be reached for anything more — especially if Goldson wants more money for more years. The 49ers have several options when it comes to replacing Goldson at safety, though. The 2013 NFL Draft is considered one of the deeper drafts in quite a few years, and safety is one of the highlighted positions of talent. The 49ers will have their pick of the litter at the No. 31 and No.

Buccaneers’ Dashon Goldson suspended one game after another illegal hit

NFL Week 2: Chargers put their season in turnaround, beat Eagles

League executive Merton Hanks reviewed the play, a helmet-to-helmet hit on Brown that Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has called “illegal.” Hanks’ review determined otherwise, although Goldson was penalized on the play. Goldson was issued a one-game suspension for his Week 2 hit on the New Orleans Saints ‘ Darren Sproles ,but independent appeals officer Matt Birklater reduced the penalty to a $100,000 fine. On the day his ban was rescinded, Goldson said he’d try to play smarter. “I know there are going to be a lot of eyes on me from now on. And that’s OK. I just have to be smart,” Goldson said. “I’m not trying to hurt my team, and I’m definitely not trying to hurt myself with the way I play.” Arians said he doesn’t think anything has changed with Goldson’s play. “Obviously, the money doesn’t affect him,” he said Monday.

Dashon Goldson suspension is overturned by NFL

Berry, Polamalu and Weddle deflect more passes, but not much more than Goldson. Weddle and Goldson average about four interceptions a season, with Berry making five interceptions overall in his two healthy seasons. A big issue is the Berry contract, which was in part huge because Berry was a fifth overall selection in 2010, before rookie contracts were modified. Goldsons play also dipped with the rest of the defense at the end of the season and in the playoffs. In his last six games including playoffs, he had only one pass defensed and no interceptions. He was part of a secondary that experienced coverage breaks and lapses in those last six games. Goldson was also a free agent two years ago, and didnt get the contract he wanted. The 49ers typically set their value for a player shortly after the season and typically dont budge from that stance.

Dashon Goldson was fined a “significant number” for hit against Jets

Etc. The Baltimore Ravens are counting on having injured running back Ray Rice on Sunday against the unbeaten Houston Texans , even though the three-time Pro Bowl star may not be healthy enough to practice this week. Rice strained his left hip flexor Sunday in the fourth quarter of Baltimore’s 14-6 win over the Cleveland Browns . … Oakland Raiders strong safety Tyvon Branch will likely miss significant time with a right ankle injury suffered Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars . Coach Dennis Allen would not confirm an ESPN report that Branch broke his leg but said Oakland’s highest-paid player in 2013 will be out for “some time.” … Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden will probably miss Sunday’s game at Minnesota with a sprained right thumb. Reggie Bush got hopeful results from an MRI exam on his banged-up left knee, allowing the Detroit Lions to breathe a sigh of relief.

NFL suspends Dashon Goldson for Sunday’s game vs. Patriots

A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 1 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs NFL won’t suspend Dashon Goldson for Sunday’s hit AP 5:31 p.m. EDT September 30, 2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers free safety Dashon Goldson (38) tackles Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Jaron Brown (13) as he gets called for unnecessary roughness, automatic first down and half the distance to the goal during the second half at Raymond James Stadium. Arizona Cardinals defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-10. (Photo: Kim Klement, USA TODAY Sports) Story Highlights Bucs safety Dashon Goldson has committed a lague-hit 16 personal fouls since 2009 He was fined $100,000 earlier this season for a hit on Saints RB Darren Sproles He could be fined for his hit on Cardinals WR Jaron Brown, but he won’t be suspended SHARE 1 CONNECT 3 TWEET 1 COMMENTEMAILMORE TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Dashon Goldson will not be suspended for his hit on Arizona Cardinals receiver Jaron Brown in Sunday’s game, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety could be fined. Merton Hanks, the league’s vice president of football operations, said Monday the play is being re-examined for a helmet-to-helmet hit, but it will not warrant a suspension. WILFORK OUT: Pats lose defensive stalwart Any fine figures to be hefty after Goldson was docked $100,000 for a hit on New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles earlier this season.

Dashon Goldson suspended one game by NFL

Greg Schiano, Dashon Goldson

Freeman will move on and become a pro-bowler somewhere else. Sep 16, 2013 7:40 PM College football just inched a little closer to my sports #1 love melikefootball says: Sep 16, 2013 7:41 PM This just opened o whole cans of worms for the league office and Godel. Watching games Sunday there were a lot of hits to the head not flagged and flagged so how do you dish out fines when your own officials under contract cant and dont call all the hits to the head. Getting someones attention would be to call each and every hit to the head. You made a rule that your own officials cant get correct when throwing the flags. bucthat says: Sep 16, 2013 7:46 PM He should not be suspended. With the way our coaching is we prolly werent gonna win but still, Id say hes been one of our best players so far and now hes suspended for legal hits this year. this year is just going to be worst i can feel it onebucplace says: Sep 16, 2013 8:42 PM In the future I wonder how players are going to handle having to carry around a pillow on the field that has to be deployed before theyre allowed to tackle an opponent.

Dashon Goldson Demonstrates Range

Just being in position, putting themselves in position and seeing what they can pick up from the film on how to get their hands on the ball, Goldson said. The quarterback who theyll try to pick off, second-year signal called Christian Ponder, enters Sunday with an NFL-best, 75.8 percent completion percentage and two touchdowns to go against zero interceptions. While the 49ers respect Ponders athleticism and improving play-making ability, they wont relent from their goal of steady improvement. Even with two solid defensive performances under his defenses belt, Fangio wants them to continue to improve and not be satisfied. Theres always room for improvement. And particularly, one thing that play illustrates is when you make a little error, it can become a big play, Fangio said. Big plays are what takes down a defense faster than anything. Weve got to be on point every play, not just when were in a tight game, tie score, one score behind, one score ahead.

NFL won’t suspend Dashon Goldson for Sunday’s hit

goldson hit 9.30.13

– If its true, its a travesty. NFL might as well say, we wont fine certain type of players, certain race of players or players from certain teams. What Mathews did is 100 times worse than anything Goldson did. Mathews hit was a premeditated. mrlaloosh says: Sep 11, 2013 4:27 PM What ever happened to Early Doucet. Wasnt he a 2nd round Chargers pick? And how could Clay Matthews not be fine a significant amount for his intentional cheap shot? Double standard Goodell? I guess hes in too many commercials that pay the NFL big money to be fined.

Dashon Goldson – what is he worth?

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NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday that Bucs safety Dashon Goldson was suspended one game by the NFL without pay for his hit on New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles on Sunday . The league considered it a helmet-to-helmet hit on a defenseless player. Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather , however, is not expected to be suspended for his Sunday hit on Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy , Rapoport said Monday on NFL Network’s “Around the League Live.” A fine should be coming. Meriweather hasn’t made a similar hit since 2010. Goldson was suspended largely because this is his fifth such unnecessary-roughness violation since 2011. He can’t practice this week or play in the Bucs’ game this Sunday against the New England Patriots , and the Tampa Bay Times reported Goldson will miss out on a $264,705 game check . “You had an unobstructed path to your opponent,” NFL vice president of football operations Merton Hanks wrote in a letter to Goldson informing him of the suspension. “It is clear that you lowered your head and unnecessarily rammed the left side of your helmet into the left side of your opponent’s head. “You delivered a forceful blow with your helmet and made no attempt whatsoever to wrap up your opponent or make a conventional tackle on the play,” Hanks continued.

No fine for Dashon Goldson

Brees_Drew 131006 [203x114]

He couldn’t. It was just too painful not being able to play alongside his teammates. But after stewing on a pair of bad decisions throughout the offseason and the first quarter of this season Washington is ready to put them in the past and he hopes everyone else is too. “When you make… Via NFL Draft Diamonds | 3 hours ago When the Honeybadger, Tyrann Mathieu entered the draft, critics made sure to hammer him for his past. Well one thing you could not take away from him was his ability to always be around the ball. In 5 games, For Arizona Cardinals, Mathieu has a forced fumble, game sealing tackle, an INT and a sack. [] Palmer, Cardinals struggle with Arians’ offense Via AP on Fox | 3 days ago (Eds: With AP Photos.) By BOB BAUM AP Sports Writer Carson Palmer has said that the offensive system of Arizona coach Bruce Arians is the most difficult he’s encountered in his long career. Four games into the season, it shows.

Dashon Goldson suspended one game by NFL for hit

The suspension was imposed by NFL Vice President of Football Operations Merton Hanks. Goldson may not practice this week nor play in the Buccaneers’ game this Sunday against the New England Patriots. He may not participate in any football activities with the team during the suspension. Goldson is eligible Youth Dashon Goldson Jersey to return to the team Monday, Sept. 23. Goldson can appeal within three business days, and he could get an expedited hearing and decision in advance of Sunday’s game. ESPN reports that Goldson will appeal the ruling in an attempt to get it heard by Tuesday. That appeal would be heard either by former Ravens center Matt Birk or former NFL assistant coach Ted Cottrell. Otherwise, it will cost Goldson a game paycheck of $264,705 . Since 2010, Goldson has been hit with 15 personal foul penalties, the most in the league.

No fine for Dashon Goldson on Jaron Brown hit

(Brian Blanco / AP) Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson has done what few NFL players do: he won an appeal of his one-game suspension . The suspension was overturned this morning and he will be allowed to play this weekend against the New England Patriots. Instead, he was fined $100,000 for what the NFL called a flagrant and repeat violation of NFL safety rules prohibiting hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players in a letter informing him of the suspension Monday. The play in question involved a hit on New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles and was Goldsons fifth unnecessary-roughness violation in two years. The decision is interesting, given the emphatic nature of the NFLs suspension letter, in which Merton Hanks, the vice president of football operations wrote Goldson: You had an unobstructed path to your opponent. It is clear that you lowered your head and unnecessarily rammed the left side of your helmet into the left side of your opponents head. You delivered a forceful blow with your helmet and made no attempt whatsoever to wrap up your opponent or make a conventional tackle on the play. This illegal contact clearly could have been avoided. The NFL also announced that it was upholding the $30,000 fine Goldson incurred for a high hit on New York Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland. Although $100,000 is steep, Goldson would have lost nearly $265,000 had his suspension been upheld.